Hip Products :: Quatroloc® Femoral System

    Quatroloc® Femoral System

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  • Circumferential porous coating seals the interface
  • Proximal porous coating bears load proximally
  • Lateral flare achieves axial loading in lateral cortex
  • Tapered distal stem with steps achieves distal scratch fit in tapered femur
  • Varying distal sizes
  • Neck preservation improves torsional and axial fixation
  • Augmented offset minimizes abductor load
  • Patented leading edges achieve scratch fit in tapered diaphyseal bone
  • Smooth distal surfaces avoid distal load-bearing
  • Patented parallel ridges avoid wedging
  • Medial steps engage bone and avoid excessive wedging and improve proximal axial loading
  • Parallel sides allow tight fit in "stove pipe" femur
  • Rectangular shape achieves excellent torsional fixation and preserves medullary blood supply




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